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Looking to learn the sport of tennis? Naperville Park District offers a comprehensive tennis program that starts with kids as young as age 4 up through adult, providing instruction for all levels, from beginner through advanced. Outdoor tennis courts where instruction is provided are conveniently located across the community; some indoor programs use local school gymnasiums. Programs are instructed by experienced staff who are knowledgeable and passionate about the sport. Introduce young children to tennis with parent/child and individual programs; experienced youth build on their knowledge, understanding of the rules, hitting consistency and skills including the ABCs of the sport: agility, balance and coordination. Tennis techniques build in instructional programs for older students with the goal of building consistency in skill and confidence. Adult tennis instruction is provided for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Pro Private instruction, drill and play and competitive clinics are offered for experienced players.

NEW: Green Ball Lessons!

Green ball lessons are for players 8-11 who have progressed their skills in Orange Ball (ages 7-10).  Green Ball utilizes a slightly decompressed ball on a full sized court.  Players have developed foundational skills in the red and/or orange ball levels in order to introduce a now faster ball played on the standard singles and doubles court.  

Tennis Lessons Under 10 Years Old

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Our tennis pros are available for private or semi-private lessons scheduled at a mutually-convenient time. Three levels of lessons are available and may be scheduled with one to three persons in a group.

Lessons with one of our staff instructors, who have several years of teaching experience, are available for $69 per hour. Lessons with one of our USPTA/USPTR Certified Pros are $79 per hour. To schedule a private lesson, contact the Naperville Park District at 630-848-5000 to register. After you are registered you will be contacted by the Tennis Coordinator to schedule your private lesson.

7 Reasons Kids Should Play Tennis

By Meredith Pollack, USPTA/PTR
Naperville Park District Tennis Coordinator

1. Low Risk Injury
  • While all sports may have some risk, tennis is usually safe enough that even the youngest players (4 years old) can learn and enjoy the sport (using properly sized gear) and progress through the years with continued enjoyment well into one's senior years
  • There is a lot of space on a court, which helps to limit injuries from player on player collisions that are common in other popular high-contact team sports – the same sports that often present a higher incident of concussion injuries too
  • Learning proper technique will also help prevent injuries at any age – especially that tricky tennis elbow (which is not just caused by tennis)
2. Can be Enjoyed for a Lifetime
  • In my years of playing I've met a Turkish astrophysicist, a scientist working on A.I. from India, a Danish model turned professional dog show handler, and so many more uniquely amazing individuals. Tennis is played with the same rules all around the world, making it a great way to network
  • Tennis is widely accessible with programming for all ages and levels of players. While someone who may have been an amazing football player in HS and college can certainly find a pick up game here and there, he may be hard-pressed to play that organized sport past mid-life
  • Tennis, through the USTA, has sanctioned competition for all ages starting with 10U, 12s, 14s, 16s, 18s juniors, various levels of adult divisions, all the way through senior designations
  • The game ages gracefully. The power and speed championed as a youth shifts to grace, finesse, and accuracy in one's later years
3. High Level Thinking
  • Tennis is really fast Chess where you stand on the board while moving your feet constantly and changing direction in a snap. Like a Chess player, tennis players must use high percentage tactics whereby they assess the type of shot coming over the net at them and quickly determine the speed, spin, and depth to then decide their best reply while predicting what their reply will produce from their opponent so that they can look to create a winning shot, regain control of the point, or make a smart defensive move…all in a matter of a second
  • This type of mental conditioning is taught in a fun and accessible way through the USTA's 10U Developmental Pathway
  • Simply put – Tennis players are typically very SMART
  • HS and College tennis teams typically rank among an institution's highest Team GPA averages when ranked against other varsity sports
  • Having a youth who is a student-athlete is also commonly associated with having a higher GPA
4. Sportsmanship Develops Positive Character Traits
  • The USTA's 10U curriculum specifically addresses games and challenges that provide practice in good sportsmanship
  • Additionally, the curriculum provides peer leadership opportunities within the various drills for young players to take turns playing the role of the coach so that everyone has a chance to be at the helm
  • Junior tennis programs also instill a sense of practicing and conquering tough challenges, achieving goals, valuing hard work, learning how to deal with a loss through healthy and age appropriate competition, and growing effective communication skills with teammates, partners, and coaches
5. Social Benefits
  • Most kids are introduced to the game in group lessons where players of similar ages and abilities. These lessons allow children to interact and bond as they grow their skills together. Some of my former players have kept tight bonds since starting in groups over the years, despite attending different high schools, colleges, and moving all over the world
  • Tennis, while played either solo (singles) or with a partner (doubles), is not as isolated as it appears. Group drills, high school and college teams, junior travel squads, and more allow kids a chance to be a part of a larger roster and build exciting memories around the sport
6. Great for Students with Special Needs
  • While tennis can be enjoyed as part of a team, it is also a sport that can give players solitary training that is just as rewarding
  • I've taught several special needs students over the years and the ability to tailor the training to specific needs allows for enjoyment for all different kinds of players
  • Tennis can be adapted and still competitive. For example the USTA has sanctioned Wheelchair tennis tournaments.
  • The various bounce and speed controlled 10U balls allow for the sport to adapt in a variety of ways
  • The quieter aspect of the sport, versus large and loud crowds, can benefit students who have sensory processing concerns
7. Great Exercise Disguised as Fun!
  • Unlike sports that have the athlete sitting on a bench, tennis is a constant hustle. Even in doubles, there is a lot of court to cover
  • Tennis is a sport the provides HIIT (high intensity interval training), short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with limited recovery phases, known to be highly effective at improving athletic potential and conditioning
  • Group lessons have creative and challenging drills and games that are FUN….kids getting running hard and pushing themselves for the sheer enjoyment of it that they hardly associate their effort as “exercise” – it is simply just a lot of FUN….Fun is what keeps kids playing
Get started with us at any age!
  • This Spring The Naperville Park District has expanded the 10U program to include a GREEN BALL level
  • We offer beginners a variety of starting points at the red, orange, green, and yellow ball levels
  • Check out our program guide and come join us for fun on the courts

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