Prime Membership

Prime Memberships are a well being benefit offered by many companies insurance. They can activate their prime benefit through their health insurance, online or by phone. There is a monthly cost associated with your insurance company, please check with your insurance company for details. Prime Members can come into the Fort Hill Activity Center and sign up for the prime membership.

Prime Membership Benefits

  • A fitness membership
  • Group exercise classes
  • Track use
  • Open gym use

Prime memberships are for adults 18 years of age and older.

Cancelling Your Membership

You may cancel your membership at any time with a 10-day written notice of cancellation. As a reminder, if your membership lapses more than 60 days you may be required to pay a new enrollment fee. Please inquire at the main desk for membership cancellations.

Leave of Absence

Fitness members may take a leave of absence for a minimum of one month up to a maximum of four months. Medical leaves may be taken for a longer period of time and will require a written doctor's release upon returning. Members are allowed one leave of absence per 12 months. Please visit the Fort Hill main desk for more information and the leave of absence form.