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S23 Episode 01: Pull-Up Bars for Patriots



Gregg Kantz, founder of the nonprofit organization, Pull-Up Bars for Patriots, explains why he wants to honor fallen service members by installing pull-up bar memorials in parks. So far, two memorials are installed: one in Wheaton and the newest one in Naperville at Wolf's Crossing Community Park.

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Quotes from the episode:

“Pull-Up Bars for Patriots – it’s a set of pull-up bars that we put up in honor of the fallen. it’s an interactive memorial where people can come out and they do pull-ups in honor of the fallen. We want to let their families know that we still remember their sacrifice, and that their service member will not be forgotten. If you happen to go to Wolf’s Crossing Community Park and do some pull-ups, post it, let everybody know that the names aren’t forgotten.” – Gregg Kantz

Pull-Up Bars for Patriots at Wolf’s Crossing Community Park

Pull-Up Bars for Patriots is a 501C3 organization based in Naperville, Illinois, with a mission to “Establish permanent memorials by raising sets of pull-up bars to honor fallen service members while encouraging physical fitness in communities across the United States.”

The memorial at Wolf’s Crossing Community Park honors Naperville’s Ten Fallen Service Members since September 11, 2001:

Navy CDR. Dan F. Shanower  Fallen Sept 11, 2001
Army SSgt. Andrew Pokorny Fallen June 13, 2003 
Army Sgt. Jack Hennessy Fallen Oct 1, 2004
USMC Sgt David Caruso Fallen Nov 9, 2004
USMC LCpl. Adam Kaiser Fallen Dec 1, 2005
Army Sgt. Bradley Beste Fallen Aug 4, 2006
Army Cpl. James Hale Fallen Aug 13, 2008
USMC Cpl Anthony Mihalo Fallen Aug 14, 2008
Army PFC Gunnar Hotchkin Fallen June 16, 2010
Army 1st Lt. Daniel Weiss March 4, 2012

Visit Wolf’s Crossing Community Park, located at 3252 Wolf’s Crossing Road  (south of Trumpet Ave.) in Naperville

A grand opening event for the new park is planned for Thurs., May 20 at 5:00 pm! Event will feature remarks by dignitaries and community members followed by a ribbon-cutting to officially open the park.

Gregg Kantz, founder and director of Pull-Up Bars for Patriots

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