ParkTalk Podcast

S29 Episode 02: The Rewards of Coaching

Parent volunteers Chris and Kelly, who are coaching 3 soccer teams this season, tell why they love coaching their kids' teams and how others can get involved.

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Quotes from the episode:

“The primary objective is to make it fun...we want everyone leaving a practice or game with a smile on their face, feeling good about what they've accomplished out there on the field.” - Chris

“I would encourage parents to absolutely explore coaching. Don't be intimidated by the fact that you may not have played're really signing up essentially to coordinate what I like to call a weekly soccer party...but also starting to learn some of the basics. The Park District program is fantastic about giving you the tools you need to help you teach some of the basics of the game…One of the best things you can do is sign up as an assistant coach.” - Chris

“You have support, with up to two assistant coaches. I look at it as a team within a team…My assistant coaches are wonderful – we wouldn't be a great team without them.” - Kelly

“I love watching the kids develop in their skills. I love when there's one child who is afraid to touch the ball, or doesn't want to go in the pack, to get in there, and then there's that one game when the light bulb goes off. And then they're excited! And they get in there, and they help other kids. That is so amazing to watch. It makes me want to come back every day.” – Kelly

Chris, Kelly and their three children  

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