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S25 Episode 03: A Creative Expansion of the Disc Golf Course

John Teper and Spencer Huard explain the latest improvements to the disc golf course at Knoch Knolls Park and why they enjoy the sport and this location.

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One of the targets at the Knoch Knolls Disc Golf Course, looking east toward the Knoch Knolls Nature Center

Quotes from the episode:

“I like everything about the sport. First off, it's free, which is just wonderful. You're out in nature. The course is beautiful, I always see new things when I'm out there and different ways to play the holes, which keeps it fresh, which I love. It's pretty much open 365 days a year except for when there's snow on the ground. You can be any age from kids to seniors. And any ability. I bring my son out there and got him into the sport. It's great bonding. And John brings his daughter. And my favoirte part is the vibe out there. Everybody seems so nice. It's not intimidating at all. People are conscious to let better players through and to not push people who are amateurs. There's no pressure. Everyone's saying hi, giving advice, looking for advice. It's really wonderful.” – Spencer Huard

View of the West Branch DuPage River from the disc golf course

“What got me hooked was the freedom of it all. It's free to play. You don't need a tee time. You're free to decide if you're going to keep score or not. It's fun to come up with a creative way to throw the disc.  What flight pattern are you going to use. You don't necessarily have to play 18 holes. You can play a quick round and be back with the family. And then the's really like going on a nature hike while throwing a frisbee.” – John Teper

2021 Improvements at the Disc Golf Course at Knoch Knolls Park

After receiving suggestions from disc golf players, the Park District planned to renovate the course, working on one part at a time to allow play to continue throughout the project. The oldest baskets were replaced with new ones in the same locations. The baskets that were added in 2015 were repurposed to add a second target for some of the holes, and second tee pads were added to some other holes, creating alternative paths for the discs and increasing the challenge of the course.  

One of the new targets

New course map showing the holes with two tees and those with A and B target locations

One of the new tee signs

How to Get Started at Disc Golf

First, just walk the course at Knoch Knolls Park. For a quick overview of the game, see Disc Golf 101. You can learn some basics by watching a YouTube video, or accompany someone you know who plays the game. You can purchase a starter set of discs from for about $25. (There also are discs for sale at local sporting goods stores like Dick's Sporting Goods or online at or

An experienced player tends to collect more discs. This is John's backpack that he takes to the course.

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