ParkTalk Podcast

2021 State of the Naperville Park District

This 5-episode series features interviews with Park District leaders and elected officials who share insights into current and future Park District projects and plans. This is the fourth year that we have offered the State of the Naperville Park District as a podcast series hosted by Sameera Luthman, Director of Marketing and Communications.

This introduction kicks off the podcast's theme of “rising to the challenge” in addition to providing a high-level overview of the aspects to be covered in the series.

Guests: Mike Reilly, Park Board President and Ray McGury, Executive Director

Park District staff takes a look back at 2020 accomplishments and previews key 2021 projects.

Guests: Brad Wilson, Director of Recreation and Facilities and Eric Shutes, Director of Planning

Park District staff reviews the incredible “boom” of outdoor recreation opportunities during the pandemic

Guests: Kevin Carlson, Director of Golf; Tim Quigley, Director of Parks and Jackie Gonzalez, Aquatic Manager

Discussion focuses on financial challenges related to obstacles presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and the proactive ways the District has managed the situation.

Guests: Ray McGury, Executive Director; Sue Stanish, Director of Finance

Gain insights into the District's challenges managing COVID-19 issues and successes achieved through the shifts in offerings, new programs and opportunities to provide as many recreation opportunities to residents as possible.

Guests: Brad Wilson, Director of Recreation and Facilities and Andrea Coates, Superintendent of Recreation