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Planning and Development

Park and Facility Improvement Projects

The Capital Budget is a work plan consisting of projects to be implemented in 2022. This plan may be modified throughout the year due to unforeseen conditions and the reallocation of resources. Each year, projects are re-evaluated and adjusted as conditions and demands change. The Park Board approves the plan on an annual basis.

It’s also important to note that the Naperville Park District’s mission, vision and core values all guide the operations and decision-making of the District particularly when it comes to determining and prioritizing improvement projects.

Our Mission
We provide recreation and park experiences that promote healthy lives, healthy minds and a healthy community.
Our Vision
To be a national leader in parks and recreation providing and promoting high quality experiences and facilities at a great value to our community.
Core Values
Health and Wellness, Environmental Education, Stewardship and Sustainability, Community Enrichment, Public Safety, Accessibility, Personal Growth and Enrichment, Promote Positive Human Interactions
We provide recreation and park experiences that promote healthy lives, healthy minds and a healthy community.

To be a national leader in parks and recreation providing and promoting high quality experiences and facilities at a great value to our community.


  • Health and Wellness
    • Promote community health and wellness
    • Help build healthy lifestyles and encourage a reduction in obesity
    • Promote year-round physical fitness
  • Environmental Education, Stewardship and Sustainability
    • Promote natural resource management
    • Promote sustainability initiatives
  • Community Enrichment
    • Provide co-sponsored family special events
    • Promote cultural diversity and creativity
    • Promote community involvement
  • Public Safety
    • Meet or exceed public safety standards
    • Collaborate with other units of government to promote public safety
  • Accessibility
    • Promote connectivity of recreational paths or trails
    • Provide accessible parks, facilities and programs
  • Personal Growth and Enrichment
    • Promote personal creativity
    • Promote the development of life skills

Each of these key guiding principles is considered during the decision-making process relative to capital planning. Additional factors that are considered include District finances, demonstrated community needs and key planning documents.


What Constitutes a Capital Project?
The Capital Plan consists of items that meet the following criteria:

    • Monetary value of at least $10,000
    • A life cycle with a minimum of three years
    • Repair/replacement of existing facilities
    • Land acquisition and/or construction of facilities through the extension of existing services and land acquisition and/or construction of facilities through the development of new services.

Capital Funds

In the early 1990s, the Park District Board dedicated a portion of the District’s annual tax levy to be used exclusively for capital projects to make improvements to the park system as well as to pay off any Park District debt. Cash-in-lieu funds are received from the City of Naperville through the Land Dedication Ordinance adopted by the Naperville City Council. This ordinance requires land developers to dedicate 8.6 acres of park land per 1,000 people in any planned development or the cash equivalent of the 8.6 acres. Alternative revenue from grants and sponsorships also contribute to project funding.

Multi-Year Park and Facility Improvement Projects

Shoreline Restoration
Every year Capital Funds are allocated for the restoration of shorelines including retention basins managed by the Naperville Park District and areas along the DuPage River. These projects improve native animal habitat, water quality and reduce maintenance and associated costs in the long-term. Shoreline improvement projects slated for implementation the following year are presented at the Capital Projects Open House every year.

Park Meadow Project
As part of natural resource management, the Naperville Park District began a Park Meadow Initiative to improve its stewardship of parkland several years ago. This initiative involves converting turf grass to meadow in strategic areas in selected parks. The Park District planted the meadow areas with native wildflowers and low prairie grasses. The areas selected for conversion include stormwater detention sites and other areas that are frequently wet due to the topography of the site. The areas range in size from .10 acre to 1.25 acre. The Park District intends to extend the project into future years including 2022, converting additional acres into meadow each year in other parks across the District.

View a list of projects by year, site maps, photographs and Q and A below:

Park Meadow Project

2022 Park and Facility Improvement Projects

As part of its annual budget process, the Naperville Park District invited the public to comment on capital improvements proposed for 2022. Last summer, the Park District hosted a 2022 Capital Projects Virtual Open House online. Residents were encouraged to view the projects and submit comments and questions via email to the project manager associated with each project. Public input received during the community outreach phase was considered by Park District staff when designing proejct plans and formulating budgets in preparation for inplementation in 2022. 

The list of proposed capital projects for 2022 is as follows:

For Additional information on the 2022 Park and Facility Improvement Projects, visit the Naperville Park District's 2022 Fiscal Year Budget.

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