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Open Gym

We are currently only selling open gym memberships and 5 visit passes. Click here to purchase. 

No daily passes are being sold at this time.



 Open Gym Available on First-Come, First-Served Basis

We offer open gyms for basketball, pickleball, badminton, and volleyball. Fitness members enjoy free access to any scheduled open gym, age dependant. Open gyms will close once capacities have been met. Reservations are required in order to attend open gym.  Reservations can be made using the NaperParks app. Please see video 1 and video 2 for instructions on how to create an account and use the NaperParks app.

General Open Gym Guidelines

  1. All members, guests and visitors must check in at the Main Service Desk upon each arrival. All members must present a fitness membership ID card before participating in open gym.
  2. Open gym is available on a first come, first serve basis.Open gym will close once capacities have been met.
  3. Participants must wear appropriate exercise attire. A shirt must be worn at all times, gym shoes/athletic shoes are also required. The clothing must be for exercise purposes.Failure to dress properly will result in denial to participate.
  4. Except for capped water bottles, eating or drinking is prohibited in the gym.
  5. Please dispose of all trash in the proper receptacles.
  6. Participants should report any equipment malfunctions, personal injuries and specific concerns immediately to the staff member on duty.
  7. Participants may not slam dunk or touch the basketball rims.
  8. If assistance is needed with our equipment, please ask our staff.Participants may not attempt to alter basketball hoops or the heights of volleyball and badminton nets.
  9. Disrupting or interfering with the game of another participant is not allowed. Respect the rights of others by using courteous and appropriate behavior.
  10. Individuals or outside organizations are not permitted to hold team practices, one on one practices/coaching sessions, or conduct drills during open gym times.Coaching is prohibited.
  11. If there are players waiting to play, then the winning group will “stay” and the losing group will sit.Winning teams may not play more than 2 consecutive games.In the case that a team wins 2 consecutive games, 2 new teams will take the court.
  12. The Fort Hill Activity Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.We recommend using the hallway lockers to secure personal belongings.
  13. Profane language, arguing, and abuse of equipment is strictly prohibited.
  14. If any participant violates any rule or regulation they will be subject to the following procedure:
    • Verbal Warning - participant will be informed by the service staff of the violation
    • If a second warning is necessary, privileges may be revoked


Basketball Guidelines:

  • Games will be played to 11.
  • Each basket counts as 1.
  • Staff reserves the right to split full court games into half court games.
  • If players are waiting, winning teams may not play more than two consecutive games


Volleyball Guidelines:

  • Games are rally score to 25.
  • A team must win by two.
  • If there are extra players, you must be willing to add players to your team.
  • If you have more than 6 on a team, player rotates in at service line.
  • If players are waiting, winning teams may not play more than two consecutive games

Badminton Guidelines:

  • Games are rally score to 21.
  • A team must win by two.
  • If players are waiting, winning teams may not play more than two consecutive games.

Pickleball Guidelines:

  • Games will be played to 11.
  • A team must win by two.
  • When available, Court B2 will be reserved for beginners who are learning the game.
  • If players are waiting, winning teams may not play more than two consecutive games.


Open Gym Fees 2021 (included with fitness memberships)








*5 Visit Punch Card (BEST VALUE!)









Daily fees will resume sometime in the future.
*Expires 6 months after purchase


Youth open gym (ages 11-18)
Adult volleyball open gym (ages 18+)
Pickleball open gym (ages 14+)
Middle school open gym (ages 11-14)
High School open gym (ages 14-18)
Family open gym (all ages, but must be with an adult)
Badminton open gym (14+)
Adult basketball open gym (18+)
*Proof of proper age is required.






Senior Member
Must be a minimum of 60 years of age.

Student Member
Must be 7-23 years of age and provide proof of full-time student status.

Military Member
Must be an enlisted individual, in a branch of the armed forces who can provide proof of active status.

5 Visit Punch Passes will expire 1 year from the date of purchase.



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