ParkTalk Podcast Summer Camp Reflections

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Day camp staff leaders Cori and George reflect on the summer day camp experience, noting kids' creativity, fun memories and strengths of the program.

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Summer camp counselors at Camp Frontier

Quotes from the episode:

"We have a ton of kids and lots of staff. They put a lot of effort into creating games that are fun and exciting. We want the activities to be related to what the different campers like. We have a boy at one of our programs who loves baseball. So, I talk to him and say, let's go get a wiffleball game going. He's the first person that says, 'I got it. Where's the bat, where's the ball, I'll start rounding people up, let's send people to the field.' And it makes for a fun environment, because all of a sudden, the kids are doing different things. If you put them to work, they'll design some fun activities." -George

"As directors we get support (from leadership) and that leads to us giving the counselors support which leads to the counselors giving the best support they can to the kids. I'd say that has definitely been super important in the success of the day camps. And I'd also say just being able to have the freedom as a director to decide what we do that week or how the camp is structured on a given day. -Cori

Sponge relays on water day at Camp Frontier

The tie-dyed jacket that George mentioned in the podcast

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Campers and counselors at Camp Frontier