ParkTalk Podcast S34 Episode 02: Careers for New Graduates

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Episode description:

Marissa Kula, a Naperville Park District staff member, tells how a part-time position in customer service at the Park District opened doors to new career opportunities for her in the field of parks and recreation.

Customer Service staff at Fort Hill Activity Center (L to R): Tricia, Ashley, Marissa and Sherry

Quotes from the episode:

About what she enjoyed in her first position at the Naperville Park District in customer service:

"I would definitely say a big thing is the work environment. Across the District, it's extremely positive and welcoming. I enjoyed my co-workers and I had a really good relationship with my supervisor. There was definitely a focus on doing our job well but also having fun while doing it, which isn't necessarily common everywhere you work. I also really enjoyed being front line with the customers. Our customer base is a great group of people who want to have a good time in our parks and in our programs. I found I was able to build relationships with customers; I would see the same customers coming in every day and I could interact with them as if we were close friends, which was awesome and really rewarding." - Marissa

About her current position as Talent Specialist in Human Resources at the Naperville Park District:

"My main focus is onboarding our new staff across the Park District, both full time and part time positions - and getting them ready to work for us. I interact with all of our hiring managers and make sure their candidates are ready to start with us. I really enjoy working with our new staff. They are very excited to start and get in the door, and being able to be their first contact is really great." - Marissa

Advice to college graduates who are undecided about their career:

"I was there. I know it can be scary and overwhelming at times, but I would say, listen to your gut. I wasn't really sure where my career was going but I knew what I wanted for myself. It was hard to take that leap and divert a bit from what I was studying to potentially go for something that could be really good for me. So take those chances because you never know what opportunities may arise. Which is exactly why I'm here right now." - Marissa

Current Opportunities for Employment at Naperville Park District

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