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Naperville Park District Crews Cover Up Graffiti in Cantore Park

Naperville Park District Crews Cover Up Graffiti in Cantore Park

Racist graffiti found on park property adjacent to Welch Elementary School


Earlier today, racist graffiti was found scrawled on an erected partition separating Cantore Park from the adjacent Welch Elementary School.

Naperville Park District crews quickly responded to temporarily cover the verbiage. Due to the ground being saturated from the recent rains, it is challenging for staff to mobilize the appropriate equipment to do the work. Crews will permanently remove the graffiti on Tuesday morning.

“Hatred and ignorance drive racist comments like this,” explained Ray McGury, Executive Director and Acting Chief of Park Police for the Naperville Park District. “I live in this community. I raised my kids in this community. I, along with my fellow Napervillians, have NO toleration for this…none. I encourage anyone with information leading to the arrest of the subject(s) to contact Naperville Crime Stoppers at (630) 420-6006 or online at All calls may remain anonymous. You may also call the Naperville Police Department Investigations Division at (630) 305-5276. Also, I personally will be adding $500.00 to the Naperville Crime Stoppers reward for information leading to the arrest of the subjects(s).”

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