ParkTalk Podcast S19 Episode 01 - Rotary Hill and the Paddleboat Quarry

Friday, August 21, 2020

Rotary Hill and the Paddleboat Quarry have become an oasis in the pandemic. Ray McGury tells how the new Midday Spray came about, and we talk with families enjoying the water at these favorite locations.
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Midday Spray on Rotary Hill

Quotes from the episode: "From a stress level, I would say that this (the pandemic) is more stressful than just about anything I've ever experienced because it changes daily." - Ray McGury

"Midday Spray is a diversion...You need a mental health break. This is part of our business... Being able to divert your stress and anxiety for a short period of time--whatever you can afford--is so important; and it's really, really important now, for what we're all going through." - Ray McGury

Paddleboat Quarry

Food truck during Midday Spray