Naperville Park District Highlights Opportunities for Career Growth

Monday, July 24, 2023

As the employment landscape continues to evolve, Naperville Park District leaders have invested time and thought into attracting new employees and retaining current staff in a tight labor market. After analyzing the staffing needs and types of positions involved in the District's operations, leaders recognized that the parks and recreation industry, and specifically the Naperville Park District, offers a wide variety of interesting work that attracts job seekers from many fields and professions.

The Park District recently launched a new webpage, Careers Grow Here, that includes information and insight regarding expertise, interests, and academic backgrounds that can be applied to a career in parks and recreation. Also included are career profiles of 4 current employees in different roles at the Park District, namely, the Fitness Manager, Planner, Creative Services Manager and Director of IT. Each employee explains in a Q and A what they do and why they enjoy their work at the Park District. Additionally, three other employees share their stories in ParkTalk podcast episodes posted on the page.

"We hope that the information included on the Careers Grow Here webpage will help students of all ages and job seekers with varying interests and experience consider the field of parks and recreation. Through this resource, they can learn more about how different academic disciplines and prior work experience can lead to a fun and fulfilling career in the dynamic field of parks and recreation," explained Katie Sepe, director of human resources.

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