Centennial Beach Update

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The Park District has received comments and questions from residents regarding the color of the water at Centennial Beach. The recent lack of rain and warm temperatures have led to an increase in algae growth in many bodies of water, including Centennial Beach, which caused the water to become greener in color earlier in the week. Centennial Beach staff continues to monitor the water quality, and all tests have shown normal results and that it is safe for swimming. It is not uncommon for Centennial Beach to have algae during the course of the summer swim season. Centennial Beach is classified as a "beach" and not as a swimming pool. The 6.2 million gallons of water are chlorinated, re-circulated, and hand skimmed to remove debris, but as a large body of water the Beach is not filtered like a typical swimming pool. The Park District is working to mitigate the algae to deter further growth.

Recent comments have also identified that water within the play features appears darker in color. This is common for the play features, as sand from the Beach mixes within the system, causing the water to become discolored. The water play features water is also monitored daily by the Park District and all tests have shown normal results.

The Naperville Park District looks forward to welcoming visitors to Centennial Beach this summer season. For more information, including a list of Frequently Asked Questions, please visit the Centennial Beach website at: https://napervilleparks.org/centennialbeach