Naperville Youth Basketball

Get in the Game!

Naperville Youth Basketball introduces participants to the fundamentals of basketball through practices and weekend games. The league emphasizes proper technique, knowledge of the rules, team strategy, participation and fun! Enrollment is limited so please register early.

Registration Dates

Fall and Winter Naperville Youth Basketball online only registration begins Tuesday, September 13 at noon for residents and Thursday, September 15 at noon for nonresidents.

Online Only Registration for Fall & Winter Basketball

Information for All Basketball Divisions

Each player must wear the league uniform which is a blue and white reversible jersey. Any player who does not have a blue and white reversible jersey or who needs to replace theirs will need to purchase one for an additional fee; jerseys can be purchased at the Fort Hill Activity Center. School sites, which will be used for practices, are to be determined by the Park District. Because not every school is available for practices, some teams may practice at a neighboring school rather than the school attended by team members. A weekly practice will be scheduled for each team but is not always guaranteed and is dependent on facility availability.

When: There are two seasons for NYB - Fall (October-December) and Winter (January-March)

Where: Fort Hill Parking Lot Map

Games are played on Saturdays for Kindergarten - 4th grade between 7:30 a.m.-7:00 p.m. and Sundays for 5th – 8th grade  from 9 a.m.-7:30 p.m. at the Fort Hill Activity Center.  Should  the number of team exceed Fort Hill Capacity, some game may be moved to  School locations (TBD) and game start and end times may be adjusted to meet the demands of the program.   Practices are held at assigned school locations throughout Naperville.


Fall 2022 Season: (7 games)

Individual Player Fee: KG–4th Grade $109 Res $139 NR
Team Fee: 2–4th Grade $1090 (Max 10 players per team)
Individual Player Fee: 5th–8th Grade $119 Res $149 NR
Team Fee: 5th–8th Grade $1190 (Max 10 players per team)

Winter 2023 Season: (9 games)

Individual Player Fee: KG–4th Grade $122 Res $152 NR
Team Fee: 2–4th Grade $1220 (Max 10 players per team)
Individual Player Fee: 5–8th Grade $143 Res $173 NR
Team Fee: 5–8th Grade $1430 (Max 10 players per team)

Volunteers & Coaches

Coaches Forms

Volunteer Handbook


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Rules & Coaching Outlines

2022 Fall and Winter Season Rules
Coaching Outline: Kindergarten
Coaching Outline: 1st Grade
Coaching Outline: 2nd Grade
Coaching Outline: 3rd Grade
Coaching Outline: 4th Grade
Coaching Outline: 5th Grade
Coaching Outline: 6th Grade
Coaching Outline: 7th Grade
Coaching Outline: 8th Grade

Ball Sizes

Co-Ed Kindergarten: 25.5 inch
Girls & Boys Grades 1st - 4th: 27.5 inch (Youth)
Girls & Boys Grades 5th-6th: 28.5 inch (Women's)
Girls Grades 7th-8th: 28.5 inch (Women's)
Boys Grades 7th-8th: 29.5 inch (Adult)

Good Call: Referees Keep the Ball Bouncing in Naperville Youth Basketball

If you visit Fort Hill Activity Center on a Saturday during the winter months, you’ll see the first floor gymnasiums and lobby bustling with activity. Children in basketball team uniforms and their parents, grandparents and siblings are streaming in and out of the building at the start and finish of each game.  Coaches confer with their assistants and gather their teams, the scoreboards light up and the buzzers sound.

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