Naperville Premier Soccer League

1st Graders

The Naperville Premier Soccer League University is an opportunity for 1st grade teams to receive specialized training, while still cultivating a recreational experience. Teams receive one training session per week with a certified soccer trainer, and have games with their volunteer coach on Saturdays. This is a recreational program, no scores or standings are kept. Games are played against NYS teams and must follow the NYS policies.

2nd through 8th Graders

The Naperville Premier Soccer League is designed for teams seeking a program with an enhanced focused on player development and increased competition – still within a recreational environment. Optional technical and tactical training is provided weekly by a professional trainer. Practice time and location is determined by the team and is based on trainer availability. There are 8 games in the season that take place on Saturdays at various parks in Naperville. 

Registration Information

Registration for the 1st-8th grade Premier is team registration only. Coaches will register their team online choosing the option and course code that corresponds to their selection.

Team Registration

What Makes Us Better

Naperville Premier Soccer League is a step above other programs because it provides coaches and teams with the ability to make decisions based on their interest level. It also gives teams to receive an additional level of training, and the opportunity to play in a competitive environment (2nd-8th grade) while playing locally and at a fraction of the cost of club soccer.

In addition, coaches will make basic team decisions. Coaches will determine roster size, location, day and time of coach led practices and uniform choices.

2nd-8th grade teams can select from several registration options ranging from league only play (just games) to a full time trainer and game coach, with options in between. Please see training information for all available options.


1st Grade

All players must wear the NYS jersey which can be purchased at the Fort Hill Activity Center.

2nd-8th Grade

Choice of uniform and where to purchase them will be decided by individual teams. Teams may opt to wear reversible NYS jerseys, t-shirts from local hobby stores or full uniforms; all options are acceptable.

Uniform requirements:

Each team member must wear the same jersey, shorts and socks.
Each player must have a home and away jersey to prevent color conflicts with opposing teams.
Each jersey must have a unique number on the back; no two players may use the same number.

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Frontier Sports Complex
Meadow Glens
Nike Sports Complex
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