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It's Turtle Nesting Season

Have you seen a turtle crossing the road lately?

  • This time of year, female aquatic turtles leave the water to find a suitable spot to lay their eggs.
  • Turtle eggs are round or oval and leathery.
  • Most eggs take about 2 months to hatch but Painted turtle eggs overwinter in the nest.
  • The sex of baby turtles is determined by ground temperature - warmer temperatures produce females while cooler temperatures produce males. 
  • After laying their eggs, the females head back to the water; they do not care for their young.
  • Be extra cautious driving this time of year. You may need to stop for a turtle!
  • Observe snapping turtles from a safe distance! Even though turtle's don't have teeth, a snapping turtle has a very powerful bite. (Common Snapping Turtle pictured above).
  • To learn more about Illinois turtles click here.

 Painted Turtle

Eastern Map Turtle