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Taxes & Fees (Fiscal Overview)

Taxes & Fees

The Naperville Park District places a strong emphasis on managing and maintaining a strong financial condition evidenced in a part by our Aaa bond rating given by Moody’s Investors Service and maintained by the District since 2008. The District’s reserve or “rainy day” funds are healthy and this provides financial stability, cash flow for operations and the assurance that the District will be able to respond to emergencies with fiscal strength.

While the District continues to develop alternative non-tax revenue alternatives, we still rely heavily on taxpayer support; property taxes continue to comprise about 50% of District revenues. We take very seriously our responsibility for the stewardship of all resources including tax dollars.

For more information on how your tax bill is determined please visit the Naperville Assessors website by clicking here.


 Program and Facility Rental Fees

Program and facility rental fees comprise the majority of remaining district revenues.
- Fees for programs can be found in our quarterly program guides by clicking here.
- Fees for facility rentals can be found by clicking here.

The Naperville Park District charges sales tax on purchases according to the City of Naperville's sales tax rate which can be found here

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